Daikon Forge GUI  v1.0.16
Daikon Forge user interface library for Unity
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The Daikon Forge GUI Library (DF-GUI™) is a user interface library for Unity3D that provides a very flexible and powerful way to create the user interface for your games. It includes a useful list of core controls that will be useful for most UI needs, and its powerful composition and inheritance capabilites provide for easy extensibility to match your specific needs.


  • Deep Editor Integration : DF-GUI offers extensive integration with the Unity3D Editor environment, including custom inspectors for every component, wizards for simplifying complex multi-step tasks, productivity-enhancing context menus, editor widgets for creating complex layouts in a WYSIWYG fashion, and several well-designed workflow enhancements. This seamless integration allows you to focus more on your UI itself rather than having to worry about how to use DF-GUI.
  • Full WYSIWYG Experience : DF-GUI controls are "live" in the Unity editor - Any changes made to the control's properties are reflected in the Editor immediately; no need to hit the Play button.
  • Indy or Pro : DF-GUI is specifically designed to work in the free Indy version of Unity. Because it works by creating and rendering standard Unity mesh objects, it works in standalone, on the web, and on mobile platforms such as Android.
  • Powerful Event System : All DF-GUI controls are capable of directly raising events for an extensive number of situations, as well as a flexible reflection-based signalling mechanism.
  • Event Binding : In addition to the event system built into the library core, DF-GUI provides event binding components that combine an easy and flexible design-time experience with the ability to bind to event handlers on any other components.
  • Data Binding : DF-GUI provides a powerful data-binding system that allows you to bind any component's properties to the properties of any other components, enabling the separation of code and UI presentation without having to write specific "glue code" to expose MVVM-style properties to your user interface.
  • Unified Input : DF-GUI makes it easy to enable the use of the keyboard, joystick, or mouse for the same UI. Unlike some of our competitors, DF-GUI has a unified input focus and event system so that these disparate input methods will work together seamlessly.
  • Performance : DF-GUI has been designed and optimized to allow the creation of even highly complex user interfaces that are rendered with a minimum number of draw calls - In most cases, even a complex and highly-nested UI with multiple clip regions can be rendered with a single draw call. Memory usage has been highly optimized as well so that even highly dynamic user interfaces will not thrash memory and cause garbage collection.
  • Powerful Layout Capabilities : Every control allows the use of "Anchors" - Each edge of a control (or any combination of edges) can be "anchored" to the corresponding edge of its parent container (whether that container is another control or even the screen itself) so that whether your control is resized due to user interaction, through code, or even through the screen resolution changing, even very complex nested layouts can be resized without messing with the usability of your UI; No need to write custom resizing logic!
  • Dynamic Effects : Includes a basic but still very powerful and easy to use Tweening system that allows you to animate the properties of any component in the scene. Tweening components can be used in conjunction with Event Binding components to design a responsive user interface with a minimum amount of custom code.
  • Active Development : DF-GUI is under active development, and new features are being developed at all times. With free updates, you will always have access to the latest features and bug fixes without any additional charge.

Takuan Daikon
July 2013