Daikon Forge GUI  v1.0.16
Daikon Forge user interface library for Unity
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oCdfControl.AnchorLayoutImplements basic Anchor Layout - Allows the control to "anchor" each edge to the corresponding edge of its container such that the control resizes properly when its container is resized
oCdfAnchorMarginsRepresents the distance between the control's edges and the corresponding edges of the control's container. This information is used to dynamically resize controls that have an Anchor Layout defined.
oCdfAnchorStyleWhen a control is anchored to an edge of its container, the distance between the control and the specified edge remains constant when the container resizes. For example, if a control is anchored to the right edge of its container, the distance between the right edge of the control and the right edge of the container remains constant when the container resizes. A control can be anchored to any combination of control edges. If the control is anchored to opposite edges of its container (for example, to the top and bottom), it resizes when the container resizes. If a control has its Anchor property set to AnchorStyle.None, control will behave as if its anchor was set to Anchor.Top | Anchor.Left if it is the child of another control, or if it is a top-level control the behavior (in the case of the screen resolution changing) is unspecified.
oCdfComponentMemberInfoEncapsulates a Component reference and the name a member on that component that can be retrieved for data binding or event binding.
oCdfControlEventArgsBase class for all dfControl events
oCdfControlOrientationSpecifies the orientation of controls or elements of controls
oCdfDragDropStateIndicates the state of the current Drag-and-Drop operation
oCdfFillDirectionIndicates the direction that a dfSprite will use for Fill operations
oCdfIntersectionTypeIndicates the result of testing a dfControl for intersection against a list of Planes.
oCdfMarkupAttributeRepresents a key/value pair attribute defined inside of a dfMarkupTag element
oCdfMarkupElementBase class for pseudo-HTML markup elements
oCdfMarkupImageCacheUsed by the dfRichTestLabel control to load and cache images
oCdfMarkupParserParses pseudo-HTML markup into a list of dfMarkupElement instances
oCdfMarkupTokenRepresents a discrete set of characters that is significant as a group.
oCdfMobileKeyboardTriggerSpecifies when a dfControl should display the on-screen keyboard on a mobile platform
oCdfPivotPointUsed to indicate the "origin" or pivot point of a control or render element. Controls will rotate around this point, and resize operations will resize away from this point.
oCdfProgressFillModeSpecifies how the progress indicator on a dfProgressBar or dfSlider control will be sized.
oCdfSpriteFlipIndicates the axes that will be flipped when a sprite is rendered
oCdfVirtualScrollData< T >
oCIComparable< dfControl >
oCIComparable< dfGUIManager >
oCIComparable< GlyphDefinition >
oCIComparable< GlyphKerning >
oCIComparable< ItemInfo >
oCIDFControlHostDescribes the functionality available to all components which can host dfControl instances
oCIDFMultiRenderIndicates that a control is capable of returning multiple render buffers during rendering
oCIEquatable< ItemInfo >
oCIInputAdapterDefines an interface that can be impolemented by components that will be used to convert user input. For instance, you might wish to code your user interface to use KeyCode.JoystickButton0 for a particular task, and can then use platform- or hardware-specific adapters to convert the desired button to the target value without having to modify your UI code.
oCIList< T >