Video tutorials to help you get started. New tutorials are being added frequently, please feel free to suggest new tutorial topics on our forum.

Basic Controls

In this video Masaaki goes over how to get started with creating your user interface and covers basic controls like Sprites, Buttons, and Labels.  

Tutorial - Getting Started

In this tutorial, we’ll be covering how to use the UI Wizard to create a new GUI in your scene. The following steps assume that you are starting from scratch with a new empty scene. The first thing that needs to be done is to set up a layer just for your user interface.  Open up the TagManager panel (Edit ...

Using TrueType Fonts

This short video demonstrates the basic steps needed to create a Dynamic Font from a TrueType font file, and how it can be used with Daikon Forge GUI controls.

Importing a Texture Atlas

The video below is a quick overview of how to import a Texture Atlas that was created with the TexturePacker program.


In this video tutorial Masaaki reviews the basic container types – Panel, ScrollablePanel, and TabPanel.

Advanced Controls

Masaaki covers additional DF-GUI control types  – Checkbox, Textbox, Slider, Progress Bar, Dropdown List, Listbox  

Data Binding

Covers design-time binding of properties and events. Data and event binding allow for easy separation of game logic and user interface presentation and unlike other solutions, DF-GUI does not require you to write custom “glue” code to enable this functionality.


DF-GUI includes a basic but very powerful and flexible set of Tween components to easily add effects and transitions to your UI. In this tutorial video, Masaaki reviews the basics of using a few of the built-in Tween components.